Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adoption News

We have been continuing to do many adoptions at Social Tees, which is great! Here I will relate to you several of the many recent adoptions:
My sweet little friend Scrappy, pictured above as I do little raccoon touches on her head, came in with her mom and four siblings, and they all had ringworm in the beginning, especially Scrappy. They all soon healed (though Scrappy's fur is still in the process of growing back). Scrappy had a harder way to go, as she is the runt of the litter and came in absolutely covered with ringworm, but her feisty spirit and the combination of TTouch and application of topical ringworm medication got her in much better shape in no time.
This past week, her siblings were adopted in pairs and then Scrappy and her mom went together to a very nice home, hooray!
Georgi (or Justin, we used to call him) is going to be going to a great home with a woman who is willing to be very patient and understanding with him, as he has had a rough time of it and needs a little TLC and patience in order to completely trust people. My friend, animal communicator Eileen Garfinkel, has been to the shelter several times recently and really helped to bring him around in a huge way, I know she was greatly instrumental in helping Georgi to be social enough to be adopted.
Starling also got adopted this week. He was one of several cats who came from a hoarder, and his body was frozen into a hunched-over position in the beginning. I worked with him with TTouch, which brought him out of his shell within a matter of a couple of days. It was such a pleasure to see him come forth from the back of his cage and come up to me nose to nose with his sweet, gentle, energy. My work was supplemented by TLC from Eileen, Estee and the other volunteers, and a couple of days ago, a mother and her son came in looking for a gentle, friendly cat for the son, and the son fell in love with Starling.
I wish all these animals very well!! and thanks to Robert, who runs this shelter that saves so many lives, and to all the volunteers who help these animals.

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