Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Little Steps Forward

Yesterday when I was at Social Tees, the little blind kitten I have been working on came right to the front of the cage to see me. It has had a kitty cold and seems to have turned a big corner, she seems to feel much better and it was a pleasure to see her standing up, walking around and playing a bit in her cage. I did some TTouch on her within the cage before taking her out, doing some zigzag touches down her body and down her legs to help her get a sense of connection with her whole body and legs, which is especially important for a blind animal. She responded to these touches and is seeming to feel more at ease within her body. I then took her out and concentrated on doing some ear strokes and mouth work with her. I have been doing a lot of ear work with her to help strengthen her immune system. When I put her back inside the cage, once again I saw her stretch up on her legs, as though she was trying to feel all four legs underneath her. It is lovely to see her feeling more comfortable and energetic.

You can see in the background of this picture the little white calico who came to the front to kiss me the last two times I was there. After I worked on the orange kitten, she once again came to the front of the cage to see me and I took her out of the cage to do some TTouch on her on a nearby table. I was pleased to hear that one of the other volunteers, Este, had also had the experience of this cat coming to the front of the cage for her and being very pleased to be held and taken out of the cage.
I wish these two dear little cats well!

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