Friday, January 31, 2014

TTouch and Reiki at Bideawee: Update on Selena

Ever since I began doing TTouch with Selena two weeks ago, her whole demeanor has begun to change, you can see it in her body language, her face and her whole vibe.  It is such a joy to see this dear cat opening up and feeling so much more at ease.

Today when I went to work with her, the minute she saw me she started reaching to me through the cage.  We let her out of the cage and she went on top of one of the cages where there is a cozy place for her to settle, and I began doing TTouches with the paintbrush and, at times, directly with my fingers.  She was leaning into the brush, moving into my hand, really enjoying the contact.

At one point I took a break and began to work with another cat, Pasqualino (more about him at another time), and she came down from where she was and began walking towards me.  She walked right up to me, looked up at me as if to ask if she could come on my lap and I tapped my lap, encouraging her to do so, and up she came.  I wanted to be sure she didn't suddenly get scared once she was there, as she can have moments where she gets frightened or overstimulated, so I stayed still, with one of my hands there in case she wanted to rub into it.  It is a very gentle dance, letting her take the lead.  She began to rub her head into my hand, and stayed on my lap for several minutes.  She did this several times during the time I was there.

It is so delightful to see her opening up, to see her looking so much more at ease.  Look forward to seeing you soon, Selena!

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