Friday, February 11, 2011

Reiki at BARC Shelter: Adele B and Gratitude

Adele B is a gentle, senior kitty at BARC Shelter. When she arrived, it was found that she was microchipped, but her previous owner did not want her back.
Despite whatever difficulties she may have been through, she has a such gentle and sweet energy. Because she is on the frail side, and is sensitive, quite often when I am doing Reiki with her, I keep my hands a short distance away, depending on what seems to be her comfort level. Reiki energy can be too overwhelming for some animals to have hands directly on them.
Yesterday she was resting at the back of her cage, and so I offered her Reiki, letting her stay where she was. I put my hands in several different positions during our session, and she shifted a few times so that my hands were where she wanted them to be. I especially felt heat in her brachial chakra area. This chakra is one that only animals have, and is located near the two shoulders. It is also called the "key chakra", and can help the energy flow to the other chakras. I felt the energy being absorbed there, and could visualize the cones of energy going in from each side. She seemed to be very comforted by this.
When she had enough, she let me know by standing up and walking towards me and towards the front of her cage. She drank some water, and ate some of her food, which was great to see.
Then, she walked right towards me and very gently stretched out her paw and put it on my arm, looking at me. I waited to see if this meant that she was ready to come out onto my lap, but then I felt it was a simple gesture to thank me. She did it a couple of times, touching my arm with a light tap of her paw.
Thank you, Adele. Animals have so much to teach us about gratitude. I feel so honored to learn so much from animals every day.

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