Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rusty at BARC Shelter: The Beauty, Power and Wisdom of a Senior Cat


Rusty is a very elegant, dignified and very sweet older cat.  An older gentleman cat.  He is probably about 18, with kidney issues and probably other health issues as well.  He arrived at BARC Shelter probably a year ago, looking very frail and as if he would not be with us long.  
However, he is a real trooper, and after being cared for medically and receiving much TLC from all who know him, he has been in a holding pattern -  hanging in there, being well-cared- for, enjoying his food and getting love and attention from everyone. 
I love him, and often spend Reiki time with him.  He purrs and curls up, very contented, taking in the energy.
Colin, one of the two wonderful keepers of the cats at BARC, told me last week that Rusty was really not doing well, and he thought me may be ready to pass soon. Rusty did look even more frail than usual, and I also had a sense he was going to pass soon.  
I sat with Rusty for a long time with Reiki.  I told him I loved him and it was all right if he needed to leave his body.  That he was safe and everything would be all right.  I started to feel so sad for him, then I heard a very clear message from him.  He said, "I have lived a good life." 
I found that to be so moving, and I knew what he meant by that.  He was satisfied and comfortable and fine if he needed to leave his body.  For animals it is so much less of a big deal than it is for us humans.  Cats particularly are so fluid between the earthly plane and the spirit world. 
He wanted me to let go of my sadness, and realize that everything was as it was supposed to be.
And I felt so much gratitude coming from him.  And I felt so grateful for him, and grateful to learn from his wisdom.

As I sat with him with Reiki, he was purring and purring.  I pictured him big, a very big cat, the size of a cougar.  First I saw him surrounded with light, then I saw him resting in the grass.  I still felt sadness, but I felt joy as well, in these beautiful and moving moments with him.  I felt he was sharing the depth of his powerful and loving spirit.

When I left, I knew that I could be saying goodbye to him for the last time.  I told him it was fine, if he needed to fly, fly, fly.

The next day, I called Colin and he told me that Rusty was doing better, hanging in there.  It is a week later and so far he is on the earthly plane.  We realize he is near the end of his road, but if he can still have some happy moments before he goes, that is great.  We will see what happens! 

Thank you so much to my BARC friends for all that you do.  And thank you Rusty, for sharing your wisdom and love and precious time with me.

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