Monday, July 20, 2015

TTouch and Reiki at Bideawee: Update re Pixie

Hi folks! For some reason, blogspot re-posted my 2014 post about Pixie.  So for my email subscribers, sorry about the repeat!  
However, this error did prompt me to share an update about this lovely kitty.  Recently, a very kind woman came in and fell in love with Pixie, really made a good connection with her.  And she ended up taking her home, yay!  
Shortly after adopting Pixie, the woman called Bideawee to share that she and Pixie were doing great together - that Pixie was completely affectionate and loving with her.  No overstimulation and swatting as happened sometimes at the shelter (it appeared to be due to Pixie wanting to be the only cat, which she is in her home), just cuddles and love.  
As if Pixie had been waiting for this particular woman to arrive, and they were meant for each other.
These are photos I took in recent months during my Reiki sessions with her, before she went to her loving home.  We miss her, of course, but are delighted for her to be in a great home.
Congratulations to Pixie and her new person, and thank you Bideawee for all you do for the animals! xoxo

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