Sunday, May 24, 2009

TTouch at Whiskers

Hi everyone, what a week! Last week I took my next installment of TTouch training with Linda Tellington-Jones, wow. But I'll have to get back on that later, because I need to sort through my photos etc.
Meanwhile, today I went to work on three cats in the Rescue Ranch at Whiskers Holistic Pet Care: Wilma, the lovely cat with one missing eye but such a dear soul, and the charming duo of Lokai (Black with white boots etc) and Bele (white with black spots). All three are up for adoption at Whiskers on 9th Street between Second and Third Ave in NYC so give them a call if you are interested 1-800-WHISKERS or 212-979-2532, 1800whiskerscom.
Wilma is an extremely shy girl and did not want to be touched or approached at first. But I found that once I started doing TTouch on Lokai and Bele, she came closer and closer to me. Then she decided it was coziest for her under a towel which was in between the wall and my bag, and she let me do TTouch for a long time there. She laid down and went to sleep there, and seemed to be so relieved to be so relaxed there. I think having only the one eye makes her more fearful of the world but am grateful that I was able to help her feel more relaxed and less fearful. I think once she is reminded of that feeling she will be less shy, as I felt she deeply craves the warmth and security of contact and love. Lokai and Bele are two extremely friendly, sweet guys and are used to being together. Bele seems like the older brother and Lokai looks to Bele to see what to do next. They both loved TTouch and gave me kisses to encourage me to do more. I was happy to have the opportunity to do this and feel that a breakthrough was reached with Wilma. I truly felt that all three of these cats are dear beings and dreaming of a cozy home, so please give Whiskers a call if you can do that :)

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