Friday, May 15, 2009

Here are Jordyn's cats, first Jinx and then Dura, both very lovely animals, as you can see. I am doing some gentle Abalone Ttouch on Jinx and Lying Leopard TTouch on Dura. Both these animals have reminded me of a key concept in TTouch when dealing with the animals, which is to "meet them where they are." Jinx takes a while to warm up to people, and so I have just worked on him in short burst, doing a few Ttouches, then coming back and trying again. Dura is an older gentleman and extremely sensitive and so needs to really be listened to. He has generally been relaxed and receptive when I worked on him in his own space, but these photos were taken at the next-door neighbors, where he was not so comfortable, so I just used the very lightest pressure and most soothing types of TTouch such as the Abalone TTouch, the Llama TTouch (doing a circle and a quarter using the back of the hand) and the Lying Leopart TTouch. I look forward to working more on both of these animals and hope to help them be more at ease with unfamiliar people and/or situations.

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