Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Linda Tellington-Jones and TTouch

It's been a few days since I finished a TTouch training in Dayton, NJ and it is still very surreal! However, as you can see above, I do have proof that it actually happened! Here you can see Linda working on a cat (who is LOVING having her ears touched) and you can also see Linda's hands working magic on a sweet dog named Esme (more on her later). I am so grateful for this experience. By experiencing Linda doing TTouch in person, I could really feel what that special connection is like, almost as though I could feel my hands inside of her hands and have that sensation - hard to describe but so amazing. Anyone interested in TTouch should definitely take a workshop with her if you have the opportunity. Thank you so much Linda and thank you to all the animals and people in the training who were so generous and taught me so much as well.

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