Monday, October 10, 2011

TTouch and Reiki and Cat Sitting with Bonsai and Nilo: Monday

Today was my third day of cat sitting for Bonsai and Nilo, who have been TTouch/Reiki clients of mine for over a year. Bonsai is a sweet, gentle senior Burmese kitty and Nilo is a lovely young Bengal cat who is generally shy except with his person, Kristin, though he has been getting increasingly comfortable with me.

This morning (Monday), Nilo was more affectionate than ever with me. He wanted me to TTouch him while we were in the kitchen, both before and after being fed. I have a feeling it has to do with his person being away. He seems to be missing her a lot -- I can see how attached he is to her. It feels like an honor to be able to suddenly get so much closer to him (both physically and emotionally) today. In Bach flower remedy terms, he is a "Water Violet" personality, which means that he tends to be very independent, and is aloof with most other beings. I can personally so relate to this type of personality. Maybe he senses this.

So this morning I did TTouch with him for quite a while, and it was such a pleasure to see him really relax into the touches. The sun was coming in the window, making it comfortably warm and bright, so of course that made him feel cozy as well. I did chimp TTouches (which use the back of the fingers), abalone TTouches going down body, ear strokes and mouth work. The abalone TTouches use the whole hand and are extremely comforting. The ear strokes are extremely calming, and as the mouth TTouches connect with the limbic system and the emotions, these were all extremely comforting, relaxing TTouches to do with Nilo.
He laid on his side, and then his back, purring up a storm the entire time.

Later, when Bonsai and Nilo were both in the living room, I sent Reiki to both Bonsai and Nilo from a short distance, which felt that it calmed the whole environment, which seemed a very beneficial thing to do, as both cats were missing their owner and I wanted to create as calm a space as I could for them.

Then I did TTouches with Bonsai. I use the lightest of touch with Bonsai as he is an older, very delicate cat. He is more comfortable with Reiki done from a distance for the same reason, and when he has had enough he usually gets up and walks to a different place. So I did Reiki with him for a while from a short distance after the TTouches.

Both cats were very cozy when I left, and that afternoon, Kristin returned. Kristin gave me a lovely call after she returned - she was grateful that all had gone so smoothly and peacefully in her absence.
Thanks all! much love and hope to see you soon.

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