Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Trails to Sweet Camilla

Camilla is a petite, lovely kitty, about 8 yrs old, who arrived at BARC shelter about a year ago with about 18 other cats, after their owner passed away. I gave her a bath when she first came in, and of course became bonded with her from then on. I remember drying her, doing TTouch on her as I was drying her, and then her nestling in a fresh towel when I put her back in her cage, looking like she felt so much better to be nice and clean. She was in pretty rough condition when she first arrived, but thanks to veterinary attention and a lot of love on the part of the wonderful staff, vets and volunteers at BARC, over the months she really blossomed.

I spent a lot of time with her all along the way, but particularly in the beginning, as she was having very bad digestive troubles, so I felt that Reiki energy would be comforting to her.

When you do Reiki regularly with an animal, they grow to recognize the energy, so they respond to it more and more quickly, as they realize that it is something that makes them feel good. Camilla would come right onto my lap and settle in for a Reiki session. Reiki helps facilitate a very intense connection -- your energy merges with their energy, and it is as though you become one being for a time.
Camilla has a very sweet, gentle personality, and even in the beginning at the shelter when she wasn't feeling great, was a real trooper and was always eager to give and receive attention and love. She had quite a fan club at the shelter!
A while back, Camilla was put into a larger cage with another cat from the same household, Animal. They grew close to each other, and when Animal became very sick (sadly, she passed away a short time ago), Camilla laid right next to her and was very comforting to her. It was so touching to see this selfless caring.

I feel a very special heart connection with her, especially because I have worked with her so much over the months. Whenever I came to the shelter, even if other animals needed special attention, I would always make time to connect with her.
Yesterday a kind family came in and fell in love with her, and decided they wanted to adopt her. I was very glad to be in the shelter yesterday - to meet the adopters, and to have the opportunity to say goodbye to her. All the pictures in this post were taken yesterday, minutes befores she was taken home. I spent a few last TTouch and Reiki moments with her, and wished her well.

I told her that I will always feel that a part of her lives in my heart, and for her to contact me any time (I mean telepathically). I will miss her, but am so glad and so grateful that she is in a loving home. Many thanks, as always, to the BARC people for all the love and care they gave to her and give to all the animals. Much love to you, Camilla, and thank you for showing me so much about selfless, unconditional love.

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