Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Listening Through a Heart Connection, Being Open to Receiving: Sharing the Reiki Space with Bubbles

Bubbles is a tiny kitten with a huge spirit who was found on the street all alone, and was fortunately brought to BARC Shelter.  I immediately connected with his very direct and sweet eyes and very gentle disposition.

He arrived emaciated and with some health problems that have been and are being addressed.  He had gotten more healthy, but then seemed to take a nose dive, losing weight (he is estimated at four months old but was only about a pound and a half) and not eating well.

Meds and force feeding were helping him, but of course I felt a kinship with him and wanted to help him in any way that I could with the work that I do.

I had been working with him in the shelter, but I also began doing distant Reiki sessions with him, which sometimes felt even more powerful than those which I did in the shelter.

I had been very concerned about him - we all feared the worst, that he was declining and would perish soon.

On a Saturday night after working with him in the shelter, I connected with Bubbles.  I had my own two cats, Lulu and Natalia, on either side of me, which is usually the case when I do my distant Reiki sessions.  I think they give energy to others and receive energy for themselves as well during the sessions.

I had a photo of Bubbles in my lap.  As I connected with him, I felt him larger than life and strong.  I felt the energy flowing to him and back to me, an energy of love and of light, of healing.  I felt he was telling me that he was going to fight, that he wanted to be here, that he was stronger than I thought.  I felt such beautiful energy from him expanding through my heart, and I felt so much love for this little creature.  I knew in reality how tiny he was, but I could feel that his spirit was so much bigger than that.  At times I felt it filling the whole room.

And images came to me of Bubbles as an adult cat.  Happy and sitting on my lap.  Our hearts connecting in this moment.

I told him that I would love him forever.  No matter how long or short a time he was here, I would always remember him, and always love him. 

The next time I saw Bubbles, he seemed more present and stronger.  He was starting to eat a bit more.  I could feel he was starting to come back.

In the in person sessions we do both TTouch and Reiki, and he responds so much to both modalities.  He puts his head back and stretches his body out, relaxing.

I also did a couple of drawings of Bubbles.

This helped me to connect with him in a similar way - connecting with his very essence.

And then a few days later, when I saw him in person again, he was stronger still - eating more, gaining some weight and finally having some solid poops (people who have animals, you know how reassuring that can be!).  When I came to his cage, he looked right at me and came right to the front of the cage.  He seemed relaxed, yet very alert, and during our session was looking straight at me with such sweet and loving eyes.

And in our most recent session, he began purring as I did TTouch with him - purring and rubbing into my hands:)

And again, I have that feeling and message to him, that I will always love him, that we are here together, it is beautiful, and that he is loved and he is safe.

We still don't know if he is totally out of the woods, but what I have felt from him is that he is happy, is is here, and he loves being here.  No matter how short or long a time that is, it is really OK.  That he is so grateful for all the love and care he is receiving from all of us.  That he feels loved and is so grateful.

It is such a moving message, and it reminds me to be humble, to appreciate all that I have, all the love and beauty that I experience each and every day with him and with the other wonderful beings who I connect with.  I am getting older, and sometimes I become worried because I know that my time on this earth is not infinite, and there is so much I still want to do.  But being reminded to appreciate each moment and really be in that moment is perhaps one of the most important lessons any of us can learn.

Through the work that I do, I know that the healing and wisdom which I receive from the animals is so deep and so powerful.  I am eternally grateful to them for the honor of sharing space with them.

Many thanks to you, Bubbles.  May you grow and flourish and have a beautiful and full life!  And thank you to all my BARC friends who give such love and care to the animals every day.

PS as of 1-29-18.  A happy update:  After this post, Bubbles became healthy and strong, was adopted into a loving home and is doing great!  See my more recent post about this:)

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