Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Distance Reiki with Willow: A Healing Circle

Willow is a beautiful grey kitten, about five months old.  When I first went to visit her, she was having trouble with upper respiratory infections, as well as intermittent related issues such as lack of appetite, lethargy and some wobbliness in her walking.  She is under veterinary care, and was taking medication for a period of time.  The doctors have not at the moment found the source of the wobbliness, but her balance has gotten better since it first appeared.

After I did an in-person Reiki session with Willow, Lee had a powerful Animal Communication session with the wonderful Sue Pike.  Sue recommended that Lee have me do daily 10-minute Reiki sessions with Willow for a month.
My two cats, Natalia and Lulu, usually receive Reiki twice a day, after their morning and evening meals, settling on either side of me on the bed.  I have been doing Willow’s sessions after our morning Reiki. 

Often I will place a photo of the animal in my lap for a distant session, and it helps me connect with the animal. 

As I started letting the Reiki flow to Willow, I closed my eyes for a bit and began to really feel she was there.  It was as though her spirit was with me, and she was larger than life.  I felt her nestle in my lap, and felt her fur on my arms.  I felt an intense light and energy around us. 

I opened my eyes and saw that Natalia was looking in my direction, as though she was watching what was happening, and that she was a part of the energy flow, offering some of her own energy to Willow.  It also seemed like she was feeling the relaxing vibes, just grooving on it with her eyes half closed.  Lulu was completely curled up asleep.
A few weeks ago, I was feeling stressed about something.  When I started the session with Willow, Natalia put her paws on my lap, right by Willow’s picture.  Suddenly I felt myself let go, becoming one with the energy from Natalia, Lulu, and Willow. I felt all three of them healing me.  I felt connected with them and with all of life, feeling the oneness of everything.  
Reiki energy goes where it is needed, which is why it is so important to keep an open mind and heart, and to release expectations about what may happen.  Some of the most amazing things can happen when one is truly open and in the moment.  Natalia reminded me to simply be there, in the moment, in the middle of all the beautiful, loving energy.

Since that session, Natalia will come and put her paws on me or on Willow’s picture, or sometimes just face in my direction, becoming part of the healing.

As I have continued the sessions, I have to felt Willow’s energy become stronger and stronger.  I began to feel that her internal light was becoming brighter.  And even when I look at the same photo I have been using of her, I feel her emanating light and energy.  Her eyes seem brighter, and generally she seems stronger physically and energeticallyAnd the stronger that I feel Willow's energy, the more casual Natalia seems in her connection - she will now most often just look in the direction of Willow's picture, rather than putting her paw directly on it. 
A couple of weeks ago, Lee had said Willow was doing much better, and when I checked in with him today, I was delighted to hear that she has been great, that she is doing really well now.
Willow has two handsome kitty brothers, Remington and Quinn.  I am doing distant Reiki sessions with them as well now - so I will look forward to sharing more about them another time:) 
Thank you Willow, and to my Natalia and Lulu.  
I am reminded of the Reiki precept "Be humble."  
Working with the animals can be one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences one can have.  I am honored to have these experiences, and thank the animals every day for sharing their love and wisdom with me. The animals have so much to teach us, if we can only quiet our own minds enough to listen.

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