Saturday, August 14, 2010

TTouch with MacDuff and Misty

Eileen Garfinkel is a friend of mine and a wonderful animal communicator, who has also started to do chakra energy healing work with animals. Yesterday I went to work with her animals.

MacDuff (or Duff) is a 7-8 year old kitty (above) she's had for about 3 years, and three months ago after a neighbor passed away she took in a second cat, Misty, who is 12 years old. Eileen had known Misty's owner casually and had gotten to know Misty well over the past couple of years as she and her neighbor would cat sit for each other, etc.

Duff is used to being the king of the castle and so has had a very hard time adjusting to having another cat in the household. Misty is a gentle, sweet soul and has done her best to try to be friendly with Duff, she will follow him around etc but he hisses, hits her and generally tells her to go away.

Eileen has done her best to reassure both cats, and has done a lot to make both cats at ease. Misty is sweet and friendly with Eileen but she feels that she has lost some of her connection with MacDuff and "wants her old Duff back", that he sometimes will hiss with her and only at certain times will be friendly with her. And for a really long time he has not let any of her friends touch him. Before she got Misty, I had been to Eileen's one time and tried to do some TTouch on him but he wasn't having it and hid under the bed. He did accept some Reiki from a slight distance (3-4 feet away) from me though.
So this time I entered her apartment not sure how he would react to me. After Eileen and I spoke for a while, Duff came into the room and sat under the dining room table, one of the places he likes to go and hang out these days. I squatted on the floor with my back almost completely to him, speaking softly to him, sending Reiki to him. I gradually moved closer and closer to him til I was sitting on the floor sideways to him. I did a few little TTouches on his head and then stopped, giving him a break, taking my hand away and turning away for a minute. Then I tried again, and he seemed to be fine with me touching him so I did it for a little longer. Then little by little I began working in some circles and strokes with the back of my hand on his body, til he let me stay with these touches on his body and he seemed to be settled with the TTouches. After a while he gave me a little hiss to let me know he had enough, so I stopped, leaving him alone completely for a while.

Quite a while later (after speaking w/Eileen and doing some TTouch on Misty (both in a separate room and in the same room where Duff was), I tried again with Duff, again approaching him very gently, sitting to his side and had no resistance as I did some Ttouches on his head, ears, and then his body. Again, when he had enough, he gave me a hiss, so I stopped working on him at that point and moved away. This was a lot more contact than I could have imagined being able to do in this session.

I worked on Misty as well (pictured above and below). After my first burst of working with Duff I went to say hello to Misty, who was resting in a closet, one of her cozy places where she likes to go. I began by doing some gentle circular touches on her head and strokes on her ears, with a few gentle strokes down her body. She was receptive even though it appeared she felt this was a new way to be touched. She did start to rub her head gently against my hand though.

After a few minutes I let her be, then went into the other room to speak with Eileen. A while after this, Misty came into the living room where we were and sat down. I did some TTouch on her head, mouth and body. Eileen had then told me that Misty always walked with her tail down, both when she was with her previous owner and now. Her tail has no trouble moving, but I was curious to see what would happen if I did some connected touches down her body and some light circular touches down her tail. Before I did that, she got up and walked a bit, and her tail was already going up part of the time. While she was walking I lightly stroked down her tail a couple of times. After she settled, then I tried the connected touches down her back and some on her tail. When she walked again, she again kept her tail up for part of the time, and it seemed like she kept it up more than before. I am so curious to see what will happen after another session with these beautiful animals, and will like to try again doing TTouch on each one when they are both in the same room together, as well as continuing the back/tail work with Misty.

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