Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TTouch and Reiki with Edie

Edie is a gorgeous, sweet cat who originally came to us after having been in a car accident. Her tail did not function, so the vet thought it best to amputate the tail.

A couple of days after Edie returned from surgery, I decided to do some gentle TTouch and Reiki with Edie to hopefully help ease any discomfort she may have had after the surgery, as well as to help her have awareness along her spine, right down to where her tail used to be.

To contain Edie, I did the TTouch reverse-superman cape which is really more like a bib, where the towel is held together behind her head, and her legs remain free and on the ground.

I did connected clouded leopard touches down each side of Edie's spine, and could feel her really relax into the touch, as she laid down and I could feel her back stretch out. I was using a gentle pressure with these TTouches.

I also spent some time offering Reiki to her, doing a few hand positions (holding for a while in each position) gradually going down her back. I could feel heat passing from my hands to her body and that she was absorbing the Reiki.

We all noticed as Edie was recovering from her surgery that she seemed much more sure of herself and her eyes even seemed brighter. I'm sure the surgery helped her confidence as well since she was able to be cleaner. Soon after this picture was taken and we had done another session or two together, she was adopted by a very sweet woman. I wish her all the best in her new home!!

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