Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mayor's Alliance Cats August 2 Update

Today I went again to work on the Mayor's Alliance cats thru Tavi & Friends' TTouch-in-Rescue Program. There were some new faces as well as some cats I have been working on for a while. Other volunteers come in at other times during the week to help out as well.

Smoky (above) and Oreo (below) are two new cats who had come in together and were in a cage together. Oreo came right to the front of the cage for attention, and when I tried to do TTouch on Smoky, Oreo would nudge right in front, so I did TTouch on Oreo with one hand and on Smoky with the other. Oreo kept rubbing himself against my hand as I did TTouches on his head and TTouches and strokes down his body.

Smoky has a gentle, sweet, personality and was very receptive to TTouch, he started nuzzling his face against my hand. I did have to keep reaching around Oreo though as he is so dominant. Oreo seemed as though he can get a bit overstimulated if he is touched too much.

Next was Vaska (pictured below).

Vaska is a lovely gray tabby. He looks awfully wistful here but he was actually extremely seeking of attention and receptive to TTouch. He appears to be generally a bit afraid of other cats but he is very sweet to people. He walked back and forth rubbing his body against my hand as I did TTouches on him.

Diego (pictured above) is a gentle, quiet, sweet soul who seems like he would like to be a lone kitty. He appeared to be intimidated by cats in adjacent cages. I did ear TTouches and TTouches on his face and then down his body. He really relaxed into the touches and seemed to be just so appreciative of the attention. I could feel his body relax and settle as I did TTouch on him.
Ziggy (pictured above) loves people but not other cats, he seems to be one who wants his kingdom to himself. He has a quirky and lovable personality, and as you can see from the picture, was talking to me and seeking attention. He walked back and forth, rubbing himself against my hand as I did circular TTouches and strokes on him.

Next was Blacky. Blacky is an adult cat with a very gentle personality and doesn't seem to get too bothered by anyone, cats or people. He came out of his cage and plopped down by his scratching post, stretching out as I did TTouch on him. He especially responded to connected abalone TTouches going down either side of his body.

Last but not least is the dramatic-looking Zorro. He is an absolute love with a very distinctive look and personality. He is so excited for attention that it is best to do TTouch on him in shorter bursts than some of the others, as he can get over-stimulated from too much touch.

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