Saturday, August 14, 2010

Charles and Leo get Adopted, and Update on Sparkle

Some lovely adoption news: I just heard that Leo and Charles were adopted together, that is so sweet to hear! Have to wish these two sweet friends much happiness in their new home.
When I started volunteering at Social Tees shelter over a year ago, both these guys were amongst the so-called "feral cats" who are loose in the shelter but were afraid of people. They would hide out in the highest places in the shelter and would not let you touch them at all. Through offering treats, TTouch and gentle approaches to socialization by me and some of the other volunteers, these two and subsequently some of the other "ferals" have become friendly and adoptable.
A few other cats who had been at the shelter a while were also adopted in the past couple of days.
And another update: I ran into the woman who adopted Sparkle, who had arrived at Social Tees as a terrified feral kitten and after months of careful, gradual work she became much more social, though still shy, and was adopted. The woman said Sparkle was doing great! that she was getting along with her other cats very well and was becoming very sweet and friendly with her.

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