Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ear TTouch with Mario and Luigi

These adorable little tabby kittens, Mario and Luigi, came into the shelter absolutely terrified. After being put in their cage, they banged themselves up against the bars for a while before finally settling down. When I first did TTouch on them, I had a few hisses but no biting, and though they remain quite shy, they are really responsive to TTouch and begin to purr.
I found that in particular, the ear TTouch was effective with these two little guys. I held one of Mario's ears in one hand and one of Luigi's in the other hand and as I began to do ear strokes simultaneously on both of them (they were cuddled together as seen here), they began to simultaneously purrrrr up a storm. I have let the other volunteers know that this TTouch is helpful for these little guys so that they can help them feel comfortable as well.
I have a youtube clip of the earstrokes here if you would like to have a look, enjoy! The tabby I demonstrate on in the clip is my own tabby, Garbanzo :)

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