Sunday, August 22, 2010

TTouch at Whiskers: August 13

Today I went to Whiskers Holistic Pet Store, where they always also have a few rescue cats in the window. I went to do TTouch on these cats today, and met for the first time three lovely rescue cats, Marty (below)

Lorraine (pictured below)

and Doc (pictured below).

All three were quite eager to receive attention, but were a bit over-stimulated (I think they were also near their mealtime so were anticipating food). This being the case, I alternated between using a wided, long-handled flat paintbrush, using a feather, and sometimes using my hand. Particularly Doc can get over-stimulated so I did extremely short bursts on him. I kept alternating from one cat to the next, and this worked quite well, as it is really good to give cats frequent breaks, particularly when they tend to get over-excited and can potentially swat, bite or scratch when this happens. When I used the paintbrush or feather, I did gentle but firm circular touches and strokes down their back, and occasionally did touches on their head as well.

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