Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mayors Alliance Cats, August 9

August 9 when I went to work on the Mayor's Alliance rescue cats, I found that Smoky (above) and Oreo (below) had been put in separate cages as apparently Oreo had been pestering Smoky. However, subsequently Oreo had gotten more ornery altogether being in a cage by herself, so she was put back in with Smoky while I was at the facility. Oreo had been super-friendly when I worked on her last week, though she had been a real attention hog and tried to block me from touching cage mate Smoky.

I found that Oreo was much more easily over-stimulated when I first tried touching her, so I touched her first using a flat, wide brush with a long handle, which you will see in the video below:

Doing the strokes and circles on Oreo with the brush seemed to get her in a more focused and less feisty mode so I was able to touch her with my hand after that.

Irene (pictured below) was a new, shy kitty, and you will see videos and descroption of what happened with her in a separate blog post.

Diego is a sweet, gentle kitty (pictured below) and seems like a loner-type of cat. He really relaxes with TTouches on his head, ear strokes and TTouch down his body. He will lay down, stretch out and get very relaxed. He seems to really seek contact with humans, I made a very strong connection with him. His big eyes just pull you right into his heart.

Angel (pictured below) is a very sweet tabby kitty who LOVES attention. She waits at the front of the cage for me to open it and give her TTouch. She begins to rub herself all against my hand as I do TTouch on her and usually ends up on her side, as you see here.

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