Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TTouch with Pip and Oliver: A Gentle Introduction: Update

A ways back, I worked with Sarah and Chris and their cats, Pip and Oliver. They rescued Pip from a dumpster some months ago, and then, some months later, they rescued Oliver and brought him into their home. So Sarah and Chris had been introducing the cats very gradually to each other, and during the appointment we worked with the two cats using harnesses and leashes, incorporating TTouch, treats etc, to help them get used to being in the presence of each other in a gradual and safe way.

Yesterday Sarah sent me this photo she snapped of the boys hanging out very near each other, which was so wonderful to see!! They are still getting acclimated to each other, but are really coming along well.

This picture was taken on the night of the first time having both cats in the same room without the harnesses and leashes. There were a couple of small skirmishes, but after a while, and TTouches and treats for both cats, Pip and Oliver eventually ended up in the position that you see them here on the couch. After a bit, Pip did try to intimidate Oliver again, so they took him out of the room, but Oliver seemed ok right away, instead of hiding or seeming traumatized.

This was a big improvement for both cats, especially since this was their first try at having both cats without the harnesses and leashes.

The email which Sarah wrote me was written the day after this, and here's how the email ended: "I'm typing this in the living room on the floor between Oliver on the couch and Pip on his back beside me, as I have been for 15 minutes or so, so I'd call that astounding progress!"
Astounding progress indeed, and wonderful work by all involved. Such diligent work done with such sensitivity truly makes such a difference. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing this with me, and I wish you all the best! Look forward to further updates :) xo

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  1. Sarah-thank you so much for all your help with the sweet boys who own us! Your incredibly calming presence and helpful advice were instrumental in getting them to this point. -Sarah H