Sunday, October 30, 2011

TTouch and Reiki with Jinx: Oct 30

Today I went to work with Jordyn's cat Jinx, who has been having trouble using his back legs. The vet is not sure whether it is a tumor or a disc problem. I have been working with him with TTouch and Reiki to help him to be as comfortable as possible, and to maximize whatever possibility there may be for connecting neural pathways especially in the back end of his body.

I started out doing Reiki with him from a short distance, directed towards the front part of his body, the brachial chakras near either side of his shoulders. I stayed there for a while, and interestingly enough, he turned his body til his back end, the part that has been having difficulty, was facing my hands, so I sent him energy from that position for some time.

After a while, he needed a break, and began to walk up and down the hall. At this point I did some TTouches with him: connected TTouches going down either side of the back, and some zigzag TTouches which wound around his body, down his legs, connecting front to back in a variety of ways. This is to help stimulate whichever neural patterns that may still be there, to help him connect his front and back ends as best he can at this point. He was very receptive to this. I also did some TTouches going down his hind legs, and on the tops of his paws.
Later, he laid down again, and I sent him Reiki first on the front part of his body, then on the back end of his body, around the hips and leg area.
By the end of the session, he was sleepy and extremely comfortable. Thank you Jinx, sending healing thoughts and look forward to seeing you soon. xo

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