Saturday, October 1, 2011

TTouch and Reiki at BARC Shelter: Gentle Energy With Abby

Abby is a beautiful senior cat at BARC. He was surrendered to BARC after his owner passed away. He is an EXTREMELY sensitive being. He is generally comfortable with human contact but is very frightened by the presence of other cats or dogs, which makes the shelter an especially difficult place for him to be. He has a bit of a skin problem, possibly aggravated by stress.

When I open his cage, I speak to him in a very quiet voice. Especially with a very sensitive cat, I want to create a very quiet space around him, to help him feel more comfortable even in the midst of an environment which is not always so quiet. Reiki and TTouch can help to create that quiet, peaceful space. I start to send him Reiki energy from a short distance away (about a food or so), so that the energy will not be too intense for him. Even when not physically touching the cat, it is possible to feel when the connection with and acceptance of the energy happens. I feel it as an energetic connection, and feel the energy being absorbed by the animal.

As Abby relaxed into the energy, I slowly moved my hands closer to him, and eventually was touching him. I put one hand instead of both hands on him, so as not to overwhelm him. He became very peaceful and laid down to take a Reiki nap. I also did some gentle TTouches around his forehead area, which can be a very relaxing area for cats. And indeed, during that time, I felt a calm bubble of energy around us, and a concentration so that our connection was all that was existing in that moment.

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