Sunday, October 9, 2011

TTouch and Reiki with Nilo and Bonsai: Saturday and Sunday

Nilo and Bonsai are two sweet cats who I have had a number of TTouch/Reiki sessions with. Their person, Kristin, asked if I would cat-sit for them and do a session with them over the weekend, which of course I was very happy to do!
Bonsai (above) is a gentle senior Burmese kitty. He has a history of seizures, so is on medication for that. He has beautiful eyes which pull you right into them, he is a very sweet little angel.
Nilo (below) is a gorgeous young Bengal kitty, who generally is only affectionate with Kristin, though I have been connecting with him more and more with each session we have had. He is a very gentle soul, just seems to have a fair amount of wild in him. Each little step of getting closer to him feels like it is a big step from his perspective.

Saturday evening when I went to feed them, they seemed a bit surprised that Kristin wasn't there (though she had told them that she would be away), but happy to be fed, and little Bonsai was such a good sport about the medication. After feeding them and taking care of the litter, etc. I sat and sent them both Reiki from a distance for a bit. I could feel the whole space get very quiet and peaceful.

Then I did a little TTouch with Bonsai, who got very sleepy. Nilo was underneath a table, but he was very comfortable when I went under the table with him and, with my body oriented sideways to him, did TTouches all around his head. He relaxed and stretched out as I worked.

I told them how long Kristin would be gone, when she would be coming back, and that I was going to take care of them and feed them until she came back. I said all this in a slow, quiet voice, and they seemed comforted by this. When I left, they both looked quite peaceful.

Something interesting to note is that Nilo is very considerate of his older, delicate friend Bonsai, and he will let him eat more food first, even though there are two food bowls, as Bonsai tends to eat some from one bowl, then some from another bowl. It is so sweet to see this!
Sunday morning, to my surprise, Nilo was super affectionate and came to me for attention right out in the open when I first arrived. Probably as he was hungry and he knew I would feed him, he was able to let his guard down. I did TTouches all over his head and down his body, even picked him up briefly.
After they ate , I did a TTouch/reiki session with them.

I started out with Bonsai, who was hanging out in the kitchen. I sat a foot or two away and began to send him energy. He is very delicate, so didn’t I want to get too close, especially not right at first. He was in the sun, and got very cozy.

All of a sudden, Nilo jumped from a high place and turned the radio on, seeming to be asking for my attention. He was howling a bit, it felt like he was missing Kristin. So I began to him energy from a few feet away, and little by little he became quiet and started to calm down. I began to say to him, over and over, "you are very loved and very safe". I said this in a slow, quiet voice and could see that this was helping him to relax.
Bonsai came into the living room at the same time, so I continued to say it over and over to both of them. Nilo visibly calmed down, then went to eat more - which was good, as again he had let Bonsai eat a lot of the food first.
Then Nilo came back into living room. Nilo was on one side of the room, and Bonsai was on the other. So I sat between them, sending energy to both, feeling I was filling the room with light and Reiki energy. Bonsai was sitting in a sun patch near the window, and Nilo was underneath a table. Both of them got very sleepy.

Next, I went under the table and did some TTouches with Nilo. Each time I work with him, he is more and more at ease. When he is in a more shy mood, he seems most at ease if I touch him when he is underneath something or in a cozy place somehow. I did chimp TTouches around his head, forehead, and neck area, incorporating some slides down his body. He was purring and seemed quite comfortable.
I gently thanked him and then worked with Bonsai.
I held my hands about six inches away from Bonsai’s body. He is so fragile, I didn’t want to overwhelm him with too much energy. He settled into the Reiki energy, taking a nap for a while during the session. It was lovely to see him so peaceful.
Afterwards I went to clean up in the kitchen for a bit. Nilo was in there on a chair, and was completely at ease as I did a few TTouches with him while he was on the chair. This was interesting, as it was a time when he was not waiting to be fed, so he was comfortable with me in a situation which didn't have to do with food. I felt that this was a big step for him.
When I left, Nilo and Bonsai were both near the window in the living room. They both looked as though they felt quite cozy. Nilo was doing blinks at me, and little Bonsai was curled up, fast asleep. Much love, you guys, see you tomorrow!!

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