Sunday, July 17, 2011

Connecting with Krishna, days 3 and 4: Feeling Safer, Getting Closer

Krishna is a very shy cat who I have had as a TTouch/Reiki client and I am getting to know him better in the process of cat sitting for him. I am offering him Reiki and a little TTouch during this time as well. Especially the Reiki energy is very relaxing for him, and helps him to almost immediately be in a more relaxed space so that he feels more comfortable being in closer proximity to me. He is generally a cat who does not like to be touched or even approached by anyone other than his human mom and dad. Now when he sees me enter, he comes into the kitchen area, lays down and stretches his body out, paw stretching towards me.

Here you see him sitting on the edge of the tub. He loves to drink water out of the tub faucet if you let a thin stream of water drip there, very cute! So, after I feed him and let him drink his water this special way, I sat down on the floor with him in the living room. He was sitting in a box that he loves (see below), and was relaxing as the sun came in the window. I felt Reiki energy flowing quite strongly from my hands. I also did a little TTouch on his head using a paintbrush, doing circles and strokes under his chin and on the top of his head and forehead.

Then I started to say a mantra taught to me by my friend and wonderful healer Karen. She had actually taught it in the context of a class, and is meant to put yourself at ease when you are feeling nervous -- "I am very loved, and I am very safe". I have been using this but substituting the "I" with "you" for some animals I have been working with, and it is very calming. So I began to say this to him, very slowly and very softly, over and over. Little by little, he crept over to me, and touched his nose to my hand. Then, instead of walking back away as he had done before, he sat down with his face just a couple of inches away from my hand. It felt like such a huge breakthrough and moment of real trust from him.

I took a deep breath and very slowly and quietly did a few circles and strokes with my hand on the top of Krishna's head and on his forehead. He settled into the TTouches, staying where he was. I didn't want to push the issue, so just did this for a few seconds, then backed off. He looked very comfortable. I continued to send him Reiki from where I was, and felt him to be very peaceful.

Today after his food and water, for some reason he went under the bed to rest. I wanted to see if he might respond to a treat and, to my surprise, he came out from under the bed and practically put his nose in my hand when I brought out the treats that he liked. I gave him a second treat, then he came out again into the living room area.

He wasn't in the mood to be TTouched with the paintbrush, so I put that to the side and offered him Reiki from maybe a couple of feet away. After a while I was able to move closer to him and, eventually, touch him briefly on the top of the head directly with my hand.

After that, his eyes met with mine in a way that felt like we had a direct heart-to-heart connection. For some of you, this may sound a little out there, but when this happens, I literally feel it in my heart. It is a very intense, beautiful connection, as though you have a very fleeting direct connection with their inner being.

I always thank the animals after being with them. I feel it is a privilege to be given permission to connect with them in this very deep way. So much of it is truly being in the moment with them.

I know he looks a little wistful in the picture below. He seems to have such a deep, wise soul.

Thank you so much, Krishna. I look foward to seeing you soon, and seeing what will happen next.

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