Friday, July 15, 2011

Connecting with Krishna: Day 2

On my second day of cat-sitting for Krishna, he was comfortable with me quite soon after I entered. First there was one big MEOW, but then I sent him some Reiki and he sat down, looking relaxed, then stretched out, stretching his paw right towards me. This was a great start.

After I fed him, I went into the bathroom and pulled aside the curtain in the bathtub to turn on the water for him to drink, and he came in on cue and jumped in the bathtub. Unfortunately he scared himself as he knocked over a couple of bottles of shampoo during his jump, so he jumped back out. But after I left the bathroom I saw him go back in to drink the water that was dripping down, as he likes to do.

Then he settled in the living room for some Reiki from a short distance. I sat on the floor with him. He settled more quickly this time, and then went up to one of his very cozy spots, on a blanket on the couch. I moved gradually, a couple of feet at a time, closer to him, til I was about a foot away from a couch. He first stared at me with big wide eyes, as you see in the top picture, but then got quite comfortable, in the position you see below, with more relaxed eyes.

During the course of our session, I told him how many times it would get dark before his people came back, which is a great thing to do, as they do pick up the information on some level, and it is good to reassure them that their people are going to come back to them.

When I got up to put his dry food out before I left, he looked at me as though he was wondering where I was going? I told him that I would be there tomorrow, and every day til his people get back, to feed him, play with him, , etc, telling him in a very calm, quiet voice. The tone of your voice makes so much difference as well. love ya, Krishna!

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