Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Connecting with Krishna: Day 13, One More Time!

When I entered Krishna's apartment today, he was meowing a lot. I think he was sensing the excitement and energy of his people people coming back.

He did calm down after eating, and then we settled into our usual routine, as he drank some water from the bathtub faucet, then we went to play (incorporating some TTouch and Reiki too).

Today, as I have done recently, I distracted him a bit by shining the flashlight on the floor, keeping it pretty much in one place for a while. While he was looking at the light on the floor, wondering where it would go next, I did a little TTouch on his head using a paintbrush, then worked my hand down the paintbrush, TTouching his head with my fingers. I did this keeping the handle of the paintbrush so that I was holding it out of his line of sight, behind his head, so my hand wasn't scaring him by being in front of his face.

I also tried doing some TTouch using a couple of long feathers, but he tended to want to play with the feathers more than being touched by them, so I went back to TTouching him with the paintbrush.

After a while, he had tired of playing and went under the bed, which is a place where he sometimes goes to feel safe, also a place he feels comfortable resting. I sent him Reiki as I sat on the floor right next to the bed, sending the energy to him from there. I felt a strong connection and a lot of energy flowing out of me.

I reassured him again that the people would be coming back later that day. I will seeing him, I've gotten used to seeing him every day :)

Rebecca texted me when they arrived back at the apartment, and said it was the first time they had arrived back from being away that they found Krishna to be relaxed, affectionate and not angry at them. Below is a picture of him, blissing out the morning after Rebecca and Tim returned :)

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  1. Thank you again for all of these posts Sarah! They were a joy to read