Sunday, July 24, 2011

Connecting with Krishna, Day 10: More Play

Krishna is teaching me more every day! Today I noticed he had knocked a few things off of shelves, so it said to me that he needs more playtime, so he can get more of his energy out while I am there :)

Above you see him in the bathtub. He loves to drink water from the bathtub, but he is not always so comfortable walking past me to go into the tub, so today I lured him there a bit with the flashlight. Once he was near the bathtub, he saw the water running and so hopped over the edge to drink from the faucet. I get a very thin stream of water going, so he can drink directly from the stream if he wants to.

After he ate and drank, we went into the living room and I did some Reiki with him for a while. I had the flashlight on the floor next to me. He moved closer and closer to me, then walked over to sniff the flashlight.
I didn't pick up the flashlight yet, so he took his paw and moved the flashlight closer and closer and closer to me . . . . til it was touching my hand.
It was clear what he wanted me to do! so I picked up the flashlight and shone the light on the floor, playing with him as he chased the light around. What I like about this too is that it gets him used to being in close proximity to me without concern.

Today I also did some TTouches on him using the paintbrush as he played with the light. He seemed to be pretty comfortable with this.
After we were done, he went under the bed, which is a place he seems to go to take a break and feel safe, and is also a place he seems to like to rest.
I offered him Reiki from a short distance away while he was under teh bed. Little by little he moved closer and closer to me, receiving the energy. I continued to praise him in a very slow, soft voice.
As always, I reassured him that his people would be coming back, and told him how many times it would get dark before they returned. I also reassured him that I would come there every day to take care of him until they returned. At whatever level the animals receive this, they do seem to be reassured by this.

Thank you Krishna - much love to you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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