Sunday, January 9, 2011

TTouch and Reiki at BARC: Statler Comes to the Front of the Cage

Statler is a beautiful, long-haired cat at BARC Shelter in Brooklyn. He arrived at the shelter after his owner passed away. Doesn't he look like a very wise being?

He is quite a shy cat -- never aggressive, never even a hint of biting or scratching -- but until recently he has always liked to stay in the back of his cage, though he is comfortable with you reaching back to work with him. I have done a lot of TTouch and Reiki with him, and other staff and volunteers at BARC pet him to make him feel more at ease. It is such a pleasure to see him becoming more comfortable every day that I see him. Very often, I focus on TTouches which connect the front of his body with the back of his body, or little raccoon TTouches on his lower back. Usually, when the back part of his body feels more relaxed and released, his whole body and personality is ready to come forward for more contact.

This week, almost immediately after opening Statler's cage and beginning to touch him, he came right to the front of his cage to give me a nuzzle and a kiss. What a great thing this is to see!
In addition to his greater comfort being a wonderful thing, it also improves his chances for going to a home if he is comfortable enough to come to the front of his cage.

You can see a clip of me working with Statler at the following youtube link:

I do a lot of zigzag ttouches with him. Please keep in mind that I am not pushing hard into his body, but using a light touch going over his body, which helps to activate his nervous system and to increase his body awareness.
Above and below you see photos of him right at the front of his cage to receive attention. Go Statler!! Hoping for a forever home soon for this gentle soul.

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