Saturday, January 15, 2011

TTouch and Reiki at BARC: Roberta

Roberta is a lovely young kitty at BARC shelter. She arrived at the shelter some time ago and gave birth to kittens. The kittens have since been weaned and adopted. I just recently started working with her as it appeared that she could be a bit moody -- not aggressive, she would just tell you when she had enough attention -- and seemed to only want to be touched a little bit at a time. The first couple of times I worked with her, I just did a little TTouch with her, mostly touching her on the head as it seemed she was very sensitive, and I would close her cage after just a few minutes, as I didn't want to over-do it.
It had been a week or so since I had said hello to her, so one day last week I again pulled up a chair next to her cage. I put the chair sideways to the cage, as it is much less threatening to approach an animal who might be a bit shy from a sideways position than from a straight-on position. When I opened her cage, she surprised me by coming right out of her cage and onto my lap, purring. I offered her Reiki, placing my hands on the brachial chakras (or energy centers), which are two points near each shoulder. She settled in this position for a few minutes, still purring, and I did some TTouch on her head as well. Not wanting to push my luck, I didn't keep her out too long, so I put her back into her cage after a few minutes.
I'm not sure what accounted for the change in her energy and attitude towards me, but it felt like she was seeking out the energy healing. I have been doing a lot of very quiet but intense energy work especially on a couple of cats whose cages are pretty much directly across from her, so it could be that she was picking up on this energy.
I have worked with her several times since then, and each time I go near her cage now, she comes right to the front, seeking attention. And when I open the cage she comes right out onto my lap, purring. Each time I work with her, she settles in my lap for a longer and longer time, and she is really responding to Reiki, especially in the brachial chakra area. It often feels like my hands are glued there, she is absorbing the energy so much.
It is wonderful to see her feeling so much more relaxed and at ease - here's to a forever home for this lovely cat very soon!

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