Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on Shy Kitten Bobbi

I have been continuing to work with kittens Bobbi and Joie at Social Tees shelter. They are still a little frightened but are really coming along. Bobbi is a little more timid than Joie. You can see when I start to work on her here, her back is a bit hunched up. It begins to relax as I work on her, and she starts to stretch out and relax. I start out doing TTouch on her head and then work my way down her body. In the second video clip, you will see me doing what I have showed before, where I very gently press the skin, working my way down one side of the back and then the other, to give the kitten more awareness of its whole spine. Bobbi used to meow as though she was really scared when I picked her up to take her out of her cage, and now she is still a bit scared to be picked up but I feel her body in a much less tense position even to start with. In the videos you will hear further explanation of the touches etc. It is very strange to be working on these two cuties, their markings are very similar to my cat Garbanzo, but they are female and little kittens, whereas he is a big adult boy.

I look forward to working with these kittens further and am really pleased to see them more relaxed. They are more at ease with the other kittens who are in the cage with them too, and I see them snuggling with other kittens as well as each other (they are in a cage with two other kittens, who are both from different litters than Bobbi and Joie.

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