Monday, July 26, 2010

Reiki and TTouch with Tammy

Dear mama Tammy, she has been thru a journey! her paperwork from the city shelter says she is 10, but it is unclear what her real age is. Shortly after she arrived at the shelter, one day we discovered that during the night she had three babies! some wonderful folks fostered her and her kittens, then her kittens were adopted out, and for a while she was acting as mommy to another kitten. She is back at the shelter now and I have started to work with her, as she is pretty temperamental about getting touched - most often you can only touch her on the head, and even then, just for a short time because she gets overstimulated.

sorry for the blurry pictures here. once I get the camera out, she keeps moving! but in a way the blurry pictures give a better feeling of the dreamlike sensation that can happen when I'm working with these animals.

So with Tammy I've been doing a combination of TTouch and Reiki. If she is receptive to it, I will start by doing some raccoon touches on her forehead, while I am sending her Reiki with the other hand. If she seems too overstimulated to touch at all then I hold my hands in the offering position and imagine energy going from my hands to her body, and sometimes I really feel like I can even see the energy, I feel it that strongly. Once I start this, I generally see her either start to relax or, today she went to her food bowl and started eating, which seems to happen because she feels more relaxed and comfortable.

Somtimes when I start to send Reiki to Tammy, she will come and sniff my hands.

I had to take a break and do something else for a few minutes after she had started eating. When I came back and began Reiki with her again, she went up on the shelf in her cage, laid down and looked so relaxed, it was a pleasure to see. I could really feel a strong energy between me and her.

Thank you Tammy, I look forward to working with you more and even more forward to seeing you off to a forever home sometime soon.

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