Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tail TTouch with Joie

Joie is one of two sweet, shy tabby kittens I have been working on lately at Social Tees shelter. They have been coming out of their shells lately and becoming more relaxed after a couple of weeks of TTouch and Reiki.

They had initially appeared as though they were limping. I did some TTouch and Reiki on them and it seemed as though the limping may have been related to their stitches possibly being tight after their spay surgery or perhaps it just was a frightened body posture, because when the vet checked them out, they did not appear to be limping and she thought they were ok. As always, please keep in mind that the work I do is not a substitute for veterinary work. It is nice to make an animal feel more at ease though!

I am finding that they still are tense at the base of their spines and in their tail, so i have been doing some tail work on them, which I show in these videos. Please keep in mind that I am using extremely light pressure, just enough to push the skin around in a circle. And when I am circling the tail, I am doing very small circles and am not pulling the tail out, I am just gently moving it in the smallest circle I can, working my way down the tail. I also do some conected raccoon touches down the tail. Little Joie is purring by the end!

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