Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chakra Healing, TTouch and Reiki with Joie, Bobbi and Leo

Hi folks, first of all I want to reiterate that I am not a vet, and that the work I do is not a replacement for veterinary treatment, but can be helpful in conjunction with it. That being said, I'd love to share the following:

Recently we got in two kittens who appear to be limping a bit. Of course we will have them evaluated by a vet soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to offer them some gentle healing and touch. I took the kittens out one by one very gently and did pretty much the same procedure with each one, so I will just continue describing as though I'm working on one of them. She is quite shy and so it took a minute to calm her. I contained her in a towel initially, doing some gentle ear strokes and a bit of gentle TTouch using a very light touch. I did not find any place on her body (includng down his back and back legs) where she flinched or pulled away or appeared to be in pain when I touched her.

She had calmed down so I then opened up the towel. Then I placed my fingers on the two chakras which are in the shoulder area. I could feel quite a bit of heat there, and once I put my fingers there I could feel the energy opening up and going down her body. she really relaxed and stretched out, purring.

As I did this, our sweet elder kitty Leo came near where we were and looked right at me. For a while he hung out under the stool I was sitting on and then he came around and looked at me again. I only had one hand on the kitten as you see here, and so with my other hand I placed it in the offering position and began to feel Reiki flowing to him. He stayed right there for quite a while, until I felt it was enough, and then he went on about his day. He often hangs around when I am working on the other animals, and, of course, I make time for him too!

But back to the kitten. I continued to feel energy flowing from the chakras down the body and the kitten totally relaxed and stretched out. When it seemed that it was enough time, I told the kitten I was going to move her back to her cage, wrapped her up in the towel again and placed her back in his cage. She seemed a bit scared at first, but I did see her stand straight up on her legs, then she scurried a bit, and then in a minute went over to her food dish and began to eat. I was glad to see this as well, as we always want to make sure these little ones are eating!

I look forward to working with these little girls more and am curious to see what will happen when they are looked at by a vet as well. maybe there's a possibility they are still recovering from spay surgery or that their bodies were stiff from sitting in a scared crouching position? we'll see.
ps. I'm actually posting this two days after it happened, and yesterday (the day after this work), I only could stop by the shelter briefly, but when I checked on the kittens, it truly appeared that they were standing up taller on their legs and that they were walking with more ease.

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