Monday, January 4, 2010

The Journey of Justin/Georgi

There is a little Russian Blue cat who we have been calling Justin, who arrived a couple of months ago. This little guy has been through a lot! He was kind of shy when we got him, then came down with a very serious cold so he had to go to the vet for a couple of weeks to recuperate. When he came back, he had healed from his cold but the poor little guy was terrified like we had never seen him be before. The first couple of days, he was making little whimpering sounds and breathing quickly. He looked like the picture below, with ears back and would hiss if you tried to approach him. I would speak to him softly and offer him some Reiki.
After some days, he finally started looking more relaxed, like the picture below. He still was afraid for me to touch him, but I was little by little working up to being able to simply approach his cage and open the door without him hissing and/or going to the back of the cage. Each day, he started to come out of his shell a little more, to where he would hang out in the front of his cage with a paw out when I was doing TTouch on cats on either side of him. Though he still would be afraid for me to touch him directly, he seemed to seek the indirect contact and calming energy of the TTouch that I was doing nearby.

A couple of days ago, my friend Eileen Garfinkel, who is a wonderful animal communicator, came to the shelter. She spent a lot of time talking to Justin, who she found out would like to be called Georgi, so Georgi it is. Apparently he was handled very roughly when he went to the vet, which traumatized him greatly. He is not afraid of me but is afraid of men in general as he fears they will handle him roughly. He misses a cat companion who he had previously also. Eileen really sent him a lot of love. She came back a second day this week, and we have all noticed Georgi really start to come around. Eileen was able to reach this dear guy in a way which I was not able to, and I appreciate her work so much. She also spent time with another special cat at the shelter but I will talk about that another time. Below you see Georgi looking very handsome and much more relaxed. He told her he would like a ball in his cage to bat around, and she brought that the second time she came and he loves it. We all wish Georgi continued progress and, soon, a loving forever home. Thanks so much Eileen! Please visit her website, I look forward to further visits from her at the shelter. I think she and I work very well together with the cats, and I feel that TTouch, reiki and animal communication can be such a powerful combination.

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