Monday, January 4, 2010

The Cat Who Came Out to Adopt his People

Many times in the shelter there are events which happen which seem rather dreamlike or surreal. I have also noticed that some cats seem to make themselves more visible at the moment when they are really ready to be adopted.

At Social Tees Shelter, some of the cats are loose in the space, and there are a bunch of spaces and levels above eye-level for them to go if they want to hide or not be visible to people. The lovely cat pictured above had rarely been seen since it was loose in the shelter - it would appear on top of the refridgerator sometimes, or on one of the upper shelves hanging out.

Yesterday when I was in the back room of the shelter doing TTouch on some cats, this cat appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began to rub itself against me. I began to do some TTouch on the cat and it rolled right over on its back, asking me to touch its belly. I was really surprised at all this!

At this point, Robert (the shelter owner) came into the room with a couple who had been in the shelter several times but had not yet been able to decide on a cat or cats to adopt. Of course I pointed out how friendly this kitty was being, and Robert told me that when he arrived at the shelter in the morning, this cat was standing in the middle of the floor as if to say hello to him. The people who were looking to adopt a cat began to pet him and quickly fell in love with him and home he went with them.

This was such a lovely event to have happen there, particularly on an EXTREMELY cold winter day, and surprisingly enough, we had a bunch of other adoptions happen yesterday as well, both cats and dogs. I wish all these animals well in their new homes.

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