Thursday, January 21, 2010

Animals Speak to Me in Dreams

Especially since I began spending more time at Social Tees shelter over the past few months, my dreams are often filled with animals and sometimes animals I know or have known visit me in dreams. My own cat Garbanzo sometimes inhabits these dreams.

One particularly moving experience which I had recently:

There was a Russian blue cat which we had in the shelter whose health suddenly took a mysterious nose dive, her primary symptom being very labored breathing, which told us we needed to get her to the vet. Unfortunately the vet found that she had congestive heart failure and massive cancer inside her body, so they needed to euthanize her. I was very sad for this cat in so many ways - sad that her owners had given her up, probably knowing that she was very sick, sad that the cat must have felt so alone. She had such a very sweet, friendly personality, despite whatever difficulties she had been through.

The night following her passing, she came to me as I was half-asleep, though she came to me as a fuzzy little kitten, but with the same sweet face. She was surrounded with an aura of light. She told me that she was happy and free now, and not to worry. Then she scampered back off into the light. I send thanks to her so much for visiting me from the other side to tell me this. Animals can teach us so much about life, about being in the moment and about treasuring each moment, whether here or in the spirit world.


  1. Sarah, what a fascinating and heartwarming dream! It must have given you great comfort to feel that the Russian Blue kitty paid you one final visit to let you know she was light and free and she wanted you to know that. Animals surely serve as some of our most enlightening teachers!

    Keep up the wonderful healing work you are doing with the shelter animals!

  2. Thank you so much Sheryl, I am amazed every day with all that the animals have to teach me, and am continually grateful to them -