Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jimmy Girl

Jimmy Girl is a lovely young cat who came to us several months ago as a semi-feral kitten, and would hiss when you came near her at first. I called her Jimmy til I found out she was actually a girl, so Jimmy Girl became her name.

I worked on her a lot from the very beginning and we quickly formed a very lovely bond. It is still taking her a while to trust other people, but she is getting there little by little. Here you see a short video of me doing TTouch on her. As you can see, sometimes she pulls away but then she still wants the contact so she will paw me to encourage me to continue. Many times when I first open the cage she still goes to the back of the cage but once I touch her she begins to purr and rub herself against my hand.

I actually did TTouch on her for quite a while after I took this video, doing little raccoon touches on her forehead and around her mouth area, using a very light pressure, as she is a sensitive little girl. She comes to the front of her cage and watches when I am working on cats in other cages near her. Sometimes shy cats do this, as though they really long for contact, though they are not always ready to be physically touched.

She was adopted recently along with another cat but was brought back a couple of days ago because she was more timid than her adopters had expected, I think (though they had been told she was shy). She definitely remembered me when she came back, and actually it seemed that the process of her being with some other people had made her slightly less shy altogether. I am so happy that Social Tees is a no-kill shelter so I have time to work on her until she is ready to be adopted to a forever home.

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