Sunday, October 31, 2010

TTouch and Reiki at BARC: Jan

Jan is a lovely white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. She arrived at BARC shelter in Brooklyn recently after her owner passed away. When she arrived, she was very very frightened, and has mostly stuck to the back corner of her cage. For the first week or so, I felt her body was rather frozen. She did not object to me doing TTouch on her, and she did stretch out her body and breathe more easily afterwards, but she still seemed afraid to move from where she was in the cage. I finger-fed her a bit with wet food to get her started eating, as she seemed too frightened to eat as well.
This week she was moved to a different cage in a more central location of the shelter, and she seemed less frozen but still scared. Now instead of staying frozen stiff, she would flinch and move backwards when you first approach her. I began tempting her to come to the front of the cage with the Halo liv-a-little treats. It took her a while to get up the courage to take these, but once she tasted them she would come to the front to get them. The past few days, I mostly did TTouch on her forehead and a bit around the outside of her mouth. She was hesitant to be touched on her body, so I just did that a bit here and there.
Today was a quiet day in the shelter and the cats were very relaxed in general. While I was working on other cats in the shelter, I noticed Jan coming to the front of the cage to eat on her own. When I first put my hand in to do some TTouch with her, she did go to the back of the cage initially. I held my hands open, sending Reiki to her, and though my hands felt a bit chilly at first, I saw her receive the energy, and it was as though we were connected with the energy passing back and forth.
Then I began to do a few little raccoon touches on her forehead, and some slides and circles along the outside of her mouth. All of a sudden I felt her start to rub her head against my hand. This is the first time I had felt her respond like this. She began to rub her head against the side of the cage, then began to knead the padded bed she sleeps on. This was such a huge breakthrough for her! Then she rolled over on her side, exposing her belly to my hand, and I was able to continue to do some circular ttouches there as well. It was so sweet to see her so comfortable, it really brought a tear to my eye. After a while I decided to let her be, not wanting to overwhelm her. I thanked her and closed the cage. Below you see her kneading her bed.

Then she came to the front of her cage and started vigorously eating her food. It was as though her heart had opened and so much light was pouring out.

Here's to you Jan, I'm so glad to see you feeling so much more at ease and look forward to working with you more, so that this relaxation and comfort can become more and more part of your way of being.

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