Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Macduff and Misty - Oct 13

Hi folks, today I went to work with friend and animal communicator Eileen Garfinkel;s cats. Misty was taken in a few months ago when Eileen's neighbor passed away, and Duff is having a hard time adjusting to having her there. In addition, Misty has had some health problems, so since Eileen has had to spend time and energy helping Misty with the health problems, this makes Duff feel even more put out. Misty continues to try to make friends with Duff (pictured below), and tries to be low-key and out of the way.

I have been doing TTouch and Reiki on both of her cats, in hopes that making both cats feel more comfortable will eventually help them to be more comfortable with each other.

Today Misty was interested in hanging out in a little bag in the closet, one of her latest cozy spots, and Duff initially ran away from me, hiding under the bed. I left both of them alone for a bit. Then I went into the bedroom, sad down on the floor and Duff was peering around the edge of the bed at me. I offered him Reiki from where I was. He seemed interested, got closer and closer and then went by me and into the living room, into one of his cozy spots, his carrier. He seemed to not want to be touched, but when I began to offer him Reiki again from several feet away, I found him to be receptive and I moved closer until I was about a foot or so away. I could feel energy streaming out of my hands and imagined light all around him. He got very relaxed, was blinking at me and then settled into an almost-nap, occasionally peering at me out of one eye and then closing it again. When I felt it had been enough for him, I thanked him and ended the session with him. He looked extremely relaxed.

Then I went to see Misty (pictured above) in the closet. I sat alongside her and gently did some small circles on her head. Many times she can only take being touched for a very short time, so I stopped a bunch of times as I went, to give her a break and make sure I was not overwhelming her. As I continued, I began to work in ear strokes, raccoon touches on the outside of the mouth, and then abalone ttouches going down her body. First I heard a faint purr and then she purred louder and louder as we went. She seemed more comfortable than I have ever seen her, and was at ease having me do TTouch on her for a longer time than she has ever done before. She really settled into the touches, and seemed to want me to continue for a long time. When she had enough, she gracefully got up and walked into the next room and finished eating her food, then went to play with one of her toys.
I was so glad to see this, and happy to see that her energy in general seems better, that she is much more alert and seems healthier than I have seen her before. She has also had a better appetite, so all of that is great. There do seem to be some signs that Duff is letting his guard down with Misty a bit too. Eileen is doing all manner of things to make both cats comfortable and confident, including bach flower remedies, proper nutrition, communitating with the cats (she is an animal communicator), etc. and all these things seem to be gently moving things in a positive direction. I look forward to continuing working with Eileen and her lovely cats.

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