Monday, March 1, 2010

Jimmy Girl and Her Friend Luke

Jimmy Girl is a young kitty (about 4-5 months) with whom I have a very special connection. When she first arrived from one of the city shelters at Social Tees shelter a couple of months ago, she had to be taken out of her carrier with gloves, and she would hiss and spit when you tried to approach her. We think she was feral. I did very slow, patient TTouch work with her and over time gained her trust. Now she comes to the front of the cage and meows at me when I come into the shelter. She has also become very playful and sweet, with a quirky sense of humor. She has a best friend, Luke, the little black kitty pictured below. They came into the shelter at the same time (but from different places), and soon became good friends. Luke was also a feral kitten, and he took a while to become comfortable, though his process was much quicker than Jimmy Girl's. Luke is now completely comfortable being touched, and will lay completely out on his back, even letting me touch him on his stomach sometimes.

Luke and Jimmy Girl are really sweet together, playing all day long. They need to be adopted out together, as they are inseparable. Jimmy Girl still has some shyness, and will initially run away from someone new, but I feel certain that someone who has the patience to let her take the time she needs to come to them will have a sweet little companion in her over time. Luke will probably also be a bit shy at first but I think will come around very quickly. Both of these kittens have come such a long way since I began to work with them. And I can feel both of them reaching another level of comfort lately. Jimmy Girl used to only let me work on her for short bursts of time, and now she will let me do TTouch on her for extended periods of time -- I start out rubbing her ears, then work up to doing TTouches and strokes on her body. Sometimes during the course of working on her, she will run away for a minute, then come right back to me and paw at me to continue. I wish these dear little ones well! And I surely will miss them when they do go to a forever home, but I will be so happy for them.

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