Monday, March 1, 2010

Jerry, a Sweet Neglected Cat

Above you see Jerry, who recently arrived at Social Tees shelter. He is extremely emaciated, you can feel every bone on his spine as well as his pelvic bones sticking up in the back. He was also terribly frightened and his body was shaking. Little by little, over the past several days, I can feel his body starting to calm down, and each time after doing TTouch and Reiki on this dear cat, his appetite is stimulated and he begins to eat the wet food that I give him.

I wasn't sure at first how receptive he would be to being touched, so I first touched his head, then started to put my hands on his body. He was nearly frozen in place, with his back hunched up. I had my fingers together and put a hand on each side of his body, offering Reiki to him, and he seemed to welcome the warmth coming from my hands. Occasionally he was still shaking, but the shaking began to subside. Then I began to do connected abalone touches (circular touches done using the whole hand), with a slow tempo and light pressure, down each side of his body. Little by little I felt his spine relax and stretch out, and I could see that he was really a much longer cat than was apparent at first. Then again, I offered him Reiki, feeling his spine relax even more, and I could feel him letting his breath go. So I would do the touches for a while, then just place my hands on either side of his body, feeling the warm energy of Reiki going from my hands to his body.
Each day I feel him respond to the touch more quickly and relax and stretch his body out more fully.
Sometimes when I feel this connection to the animal and their relaxation, I feel tears come out of me, as it feels like they are finally feeling safe.
I have continued this slow approach and use of my whole hands on him, as this can be more comforting and warming than the smaller touches, though I have been starting to work some clouded leopard touches in as well. I thank this dear boy for teaching me to really take my time and meet him where he was. I look forward to working with him more and, as with all the cats at the shelter, hope for the perfect candidate to enter the shelter soon take him to a loving forever home.

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