Monday, March 22, 2010

From a Little Dog's Point of View

Sasha is one of the sweetest dogs we have in the shelter. She is a dear little toy poodle. I know she looks a little funny here, with her shaved body, but she just had some surgery, from which she is recovering like a champ. She doesn't let any of the big dogs in the shelter bother her, either, she really holds her own!

I took Sasha (above, here we are in a cab) to the one of the vets we use, Janet Ficarra, who is a wonderful vet, and did Sasha's surgery. Janet did an amazing job on her and she and her staff were great to Sasha while she was there. When I went to pick her up, we got a ride downtown part way, and then I decided to walk her a few blocks before getting into a cab. We were in the heart of the West Village in NYC on a Saturday. It was sunny outside and everyone was out on the street, so it was busy and hectic. All of a sudden I felt myself imagining I was Sasha and feeling all this movement and all these people and big dogs passing around me. It was scary! and I understood how stressful it must be for small animals and their people in the city, I was afraid she would get stepped on. At any rate, I continued on for a while, keeping my peripheral vision very open so that I could sense approaching movement from all sides. It was pretty interesting! and I really understood why little dogs can seem so stressed out in these situations, it is a lot to handle.

Sasha and I really bonded on our little journey and now she often follows me around the shelter and will hang out sometimes in the area where I'm doing TTouch on the cats. I have done some TTouch on Sasha as well, which she greatly enjoys.

Thank you Sasha, you are teaching me so much! and I am sure the right person will arrive soon to give you a forever home.

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