Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on White Cat at Social Tees

Thursday and Friday I did Reiki on the big white cat pictured below who is at Social Tees. She has had a bad cold and had seemed quite uncomfortable, mostly remaining in the position you see in the picture below, sleeping. The Reiki had seemed to relieve her breathing (she had a stuffed up nose) and I had also done some ear strokes on her.

Yesterday when I arrived, this cat looked much more alert - she was lying in the front of her cage with her head up and was looking right at me, doing a little meow which felt like she was calling me to her cage. She has also had an eye infection, which is still there but the infected eye is improved as well. I was so relieved to see her looking better. Another volunteer remarked on her improved condition as well.

I did Reiki on her once again, and she began to nuzzle against my hand as I did this. I did several different hand positions, following my intuition. The energy appeared to make her feel very comfortable and from time to time she would rub her head against me. She was sitting right in front of her water dish and she began to drink a lot of water. As I am now attuned to Reiki II, I have also been using the symbols and indeed these do seem to strenghen the flow of the energy. I also did some TTouch on this cat after doing the Reiki treatment, as she seemed to crave physical contact. Her back felt a bit tight, and I could feel it start to relax as I did some TTouch on her body. I also did some ear strokes to help her immune system. I was so happy to see her feeling better and send her good thoughts for continued improved health and for her to be adopted soon by a very kind person or persons.

My adventure with this cat has brought home to me once again the importance of being in the moment with the animal, listening to what they need instead of concentrating on what you want the outcome to be.

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