Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reiki with Jinx, August 10: More Confident, Calm and Mobile

Today when I went to work with Jinx, I noticed that he was a lot more alert and in the moment, and was also moving around more and seemed to be walking better. Though his back legs are still unsteady, he seems to use the legs more fully and to have more confidence in general. He was also jumping a little and going from one level to another in a way that he hasn't been for the past few weeks. It was such a pleasure to see him able to move around like this, and to see him seeming to be in better spirits as well.
I think there has been a combination of factors which have been helping Jinx: giving him the mental and physical space he needs to rest and be quiet, the medication the vet has prescribed, and Jordyn thinks TTouch and Reiki have been beneficial to him as well in this process, helping to aid in his balance, stability, calm and confidence. Not to mention all the love this sweet cat is getting! I have showed Jordyn some TTouches which I think will help Jinx with relaxation and connection of his front and back ends, including his legs, and she has also been doing some energy healing with Jinx in between our sessions.

Today I started in the same way as I have been the past few sessions, sitting a short distance away, and eventually I got closer and closer. A long portion of the session was spent with my hands about six inches away, which seems to be a good distance for him, since it is not overly intense. After this, I was also able to spend a long time with my left hand directly over his pelvis. This area is also where the sacral chakra is located. He was also at different portions of the session very responsive to me having my hands over his heart chakra and crown chakra.

Today I was reminded of a visualization I did in one or two of our previous sessions. When Jordyn said to me today that Jinx seems to feel more confident, I remembered that in previous sessions I had visualized a layer of protective light around him, to help him feel safe and comfortable.

In the picture below, you will get a more full image of what was going on by the end of our session. Jordyn helps to take care of a baby, and during the end of our session he was brought in and fell asleep on the bed right next to where I was. In the lower right hand corner, you see the back end of Buddy, one of Jordyn's dogs, who also decided to relax nearby. Reiki energy usually feels like it calms the entire space, including the beings who may happen to be hanging out there. Often at the shelter, several animals may gather around near me and rest while I am offering Reiki to one of the cats who is in a cage.

At any rate, you can see it was quite a relaxed scene there this afternoon. Jinx really enjoyed being in the box to absorb the Reiki, where he could have some private space to rest. Thanks one and all, and look forward to seeing you soon, and hoping for Jinx's continued improvement of his condition.

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