Friday, June 18, 2010

Sparkle Gets Adopted

Some surprising adoption news: our kitty Sparkle, who arrived as a feral kitten, was adopted this past week.
Sparkle and her buddy Wally had been put into the window enclosure with our big friendly cat Big Al, and Sparkle came right up to the window a few times and made a connection with the woman who adopted her.
I spoke to the woman and explained, of course, that Sparkle is still very shy and at this point will only tolerate minimal contact, but that over time, I felt she would become more and more comfortable. The woman has six cats, all of whom are friendly and one is super-friendly, so I felt certain that there would be at least one cat who Sparkle would be able to bond with. I was a bit sad to separate her and Wally, but the woman and her husband were so kind and understanding, I felt that this would work out all right. I offered to work with them to help the socialization process as well.
A while after Sparkle left, I went to see how Wally was doing. I was surprised that he really seemed to be all right, he was super-friendly and enjoying having attention. He is such a charming cat, I'm sure he will have a home soon. I wish Sparkle all the best in her new home with all her new friends :)

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