Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Charles and Leo

Some of the most beautiful moments at a shelter can come in observing how sweet these animals can be to one another, and what loving friendships these animals form. The two cats above are named Charles (left) and Leo (right). Charles is a strong young boy and Leo is an older gentlemen, and these two are the best of friends. They go everywhere in the shelter together, and It is especially moving because Leo is older and extremely delicate, and Charles is very protective of him. He lets Leo eat first if I put down food, and he generally watches over him. Even in the photo above you can see Charles's expression is "don't even think of messing with my buddy," as Leo sits there with his gentle, lion-like smile.
If I do TTouch on one of them, then the other begins to rub his head against the cat I'm TTouching as well. It is so beautiful seeing them together, it really brings a tear to your eyes. Lately I have woken up with the faces of these two cats in my head.
Both of these cats were designated as "feral cats" in the shelter, meaning that they supposedly weren't friendly, but once I began to feed them and Ttouch them and a couple of the other voluteers began to pet them and sometimes feed them, they have become extremely friendly, and a few of their other "feral" friends are starting to come around as well. Many of them sit up on top of all the cages, watching everything, and I can feel that they receive some of the TTouch and Reiki energy when I am working on the animals in the cages, it is interesting to see!
Here's a big hug to these two, we humans have a lot to learn from these creatures about loyalty and true friendship.

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