Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mika and Mischa in the Window, and their pal Mr. Robinson

Mika and Mischa are two semi-feral cats who I have been working on for a few months. They came in EXTREMELY scared, frozen in their litter box (they do not bite or scratch though). I have offered them a lot of TTouch and Reiki, and other volunteers have been kind and patient with them. Recently we transferred them from their cage to the window, with a few other cats including the ultra-friendly Mr. Robinson (so-named as the male version of Mrs. Robinson, referencing "The Graduate" because he is an older fellow who loves the ladies), pictured above. Their first go-round they remained pretty scared there, so we put them back in a cage for a few days. On their second try in the window, they appear to be more comfortable than they were before. The shelter is also a lot less hectic in general at this particular moment, as many dogs were just adopted, so that is good for them.

So I can fully interact with the cats, I climb completely into the caged-in window enclosure. This is a very interesting experience on many levels. For one thing, I am glad to be able to have more full contact with the cats, to be able to hold one on my lap as I squat in there, etc. I can also have some idea of how it might feel to be in there. Though it is exposed to people looking in, there is something that feels safe in there, what I expect might feel safer than some of the cages at least on the lower level, as you are out of reach of any dogs and there is more space inside there than in the cages.

Mr. Robinson is an older gentleman kitty and couldn't be more friendly. He insists on rubbing against my arm and hand, so most often when I am doing TTouch on Mika and Mischa with one hand, I have the other arm and hand wrapped around Mr. Robinson, as he likes to be enclosed in a big hug. I expect his relaxed nature must be helpful to the other cats in the window.

Mischa usually comes up to me when I am in the window. He especially responds to connected clouded leopard touches down his body, and Noah's marches with the back of my hand down his body. I usually do work around his head and mouth as well. Here he is getting sleepy and ready for a nap.

Mika (below) is still more shy, and might do a little hiss in the beginning, but I speak to her softly and once I touch her on the head, she calms down. She especially responds to raccoon touches around her forehead, ear slides and zigzag touches down her body. Last time she was in the window, she trembled a lot and was quite frightened but she appears to be much more at ease this time around. Here she is looking straight at me after some TTouch.

I often also offer these two Reiki while I'm in the shelter, and sometimes when I am outside of the shelter as well, especially to Mika as she tends to be more fearful.

I have a special place in my heart for these gentle little souls and am hoping for them to have a forever home soon :)

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