Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gigi and friends, and Gigi inhabits my dreams

(Above, Ray on left, Gigi on right, Below, Gigi)

Especially since I have begun working more intensively with animals, they often visit me in dreams, or appear in my head as I wake up or go to sleep. One of the cats in the shelter has appeared several times this way.
Her name is Gigi, and she's a sweet little kitten about three months old. Many times the animals which we take into the shelter arrive needing medication of various kinds, because often these are the animals which the kill shelters would otherwise euthanize. Gigi and her two cage-mates, Ray and Layla, have colds and ringworm, which we are treating with medication. I offered Reiki and hands-on healing to these animals connect with them in hopes of helping their bodies achieve more balance so that they may heal more quickly. Gigi is a very friendly kitten, coming right to the front of the cage all the time, nuzzling in my hand, so I could not help but connect with her right away.
After giving the kittens their medication and some wet food, I held one hand directed at Ray and Layla, and the other directed at Gigi, and began to send them healing light. I began to feel energy pouring from my fingers. Ray and Layla, who were cuddliing together, looked even more cozy and closed their eyes. Gigi, who is usually active and rubbing herself against my hand, laid down on her side, as I felt a golden energy passing from my fingers to her body. That image and that feeling is so strong in my visual and feeling memory right now. It is an image I can return to at will and can help me if I'm at the shelter and having trouble focusing (which can happen, as it is busy, and sometimes hectic there).
The next morning, as I opened my eyes, I saw Gigi come running up to me in my mind, so full of life. It really took me by surprise and was such a lovely feeling to wake up to. When I saw her and her friends later, I could really feel them welcoming and absorbing the energy work.
A few nights later, one of the long-time volunteers at the shelter, Marisa, helped me to give these three a medicated bath to help with their ringworm. Though Ray was a bit difficult to get out of his cage because I think he was startled as we had just put some shredded paper in his cage, all three seemed to really enjoy the bath, as we got the water just the right temperature and it was as if they were getting a gentle massage from Marisa and me in the warm, soapy water. This is another sense memory that remains so strong, feeling their bodies relax as we cleaned them. After we dried them off, they looked lovely, and I think the bath really accelerated their healing process as well.
That night, Gigi again appeared to me, this time in a dream, and she was doing forward handsprings over and over. She was so joyous! It was as though she was thanking me.
Over the past week or so, I have continued to give them their medication and work with them with Reiki and energy healing. Different days, I connect with one of them more than another, and each has shown me a different place where they would like me to put my hands. With Ray, he seemed to want me to hold my hands over the lower part of his body, near the base of his spine. And there was one day where I felt a particularly strong connection with Layla, a lovely black and white long-haired kitten, who has had a particularly stubborn patch of ringworm on her face. I held my hands slightly over her shoulders and began to feel intense energy passing back and forth between my hands and her body. I stayed there for quite a while, I could really feel her absorbing the energy into her body, as though she was craving it so much. She looked straight at me with a look that felt like thank you. The next day, I felt a tangible shift with her, and her fur has begun to grow back now on a particularly stubborn patch of ringworm on her face.
Though they all have a ways to go, I have noticed a shift with all three, and felt so much gratitude from them. Here's to their continued healing!

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