Friday, September 18, 2009

Kitten Harness part two

So here is the second part of the clip showing how to make a temporary harness to use on kittens so that you can do TTouch on them and still have them gently secured so that they don't squiggle away. Another nice thing about this harness that you will see is that by simply pulling the end of it, it unravels and you can take it off easily without worrying about the little kitty getting hung up in it. Fit it so that it is close to the body but not tight. When putting it on an actual live kitty, you need to do the putting on of it fairly quickly. I suggest practicing on a little stuffed animal many times, until you are really comfortable with it. before trying it on a live animal. And please ignore how FAST I do the little TTouches in the demo, I rarely do them that quickly! I just wanted to show how you could hold the harness with one hand and do TTouches with the other. When doing TTouch on kittens, in general a rather short session is good but I have to say that these particular kittens responded to TTouch so well, especially in my first sessions with them, that I did longer sessions. The little black and white kitten actually fell asleep while I was doing TTouch on it, purring the tiniest little purr.

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